In attendance: Hanny, Jenny W, Meghan, Gabi, Bryce, Lea, Noelle, Jenny P, Lauren, Nathan, Katie, Kevin

@MIT: Chrissy, Jacob, Gabi SM, Gabi, Julia H

Absent: None

  • Announcement from Noelle
    1. Currently sitting on two committee up at MIT – Presidents Cabinet and
      1. Committee on graduate programs
    2. Has the opportunity to bring up issues that pertain to us or other small programs. Feel free to come to her with any ideas or issues
    3. The committee on graduate programs is also looking to do a lot more research on academic advising and any issues concerning student-advisor relations. She will likely be emailing out with questions and comments regarding advising.
  • ODGE Thank you letter
    1. Letter to ODGE dean to thank them for the 10k funds they provide WHOI and asking for a renewal. All reps, new and old please sign
  • Round Robin of Student Rep Duties
    1. Julia H – Keeping track of any expenses, events, and how much we have left to spend on all the accounts. Also assesses if we have money for any new/upcoming events. Also helps to handle the JP apartment at MIT.
    2. Bryce – PO Rep – Largest responsibility this year was the Steinbach scholar this summer. Also helped to organize the Winter meeting. Also sat in on accreditation meeting as the education chair, though those would not be happening again for a while.
    3. Gabi – Was MCG rep and President. As president you pick up any extra things that need to be done, you organize the rep meetings and agendas, are present at Winter meeting and help guide that. Also served as co- social chair which organize the social hours and any other lunches or social events. Also helped with open house activities.
    4. Jenny W – Also helped with open house though mostly on the MIT end, so working closely with Kris Kipp. Organized session for JP students separate from EAPs incoming students. Also helped with housing at MIT, she was technically the WHOI housing liason as well though that it not much work since Valerie handles WHOI housing. Handled summer picnic with Jenny P, changed it to just be a WHOI student picnic. Was also point person for buffins, probably the most time-intensive rep duties. Had to communicate with Cape cod bagel, picked up things and restocked condiments.
    5. Lauren – At –large rep. Helped with buffins and helped with winter retreat. Also co-social chair with Gabi. Has the tax exempt form from MIT for whomever needs it to order pizza for social hours next year.
    6. Hanny – At large rep. Lead winter retreat, at-large scholar and was secretary.
    7. Jenny P – Bio rep. Also led a Steinbach scholar event. Very important to delegate all the task associated with Steinbach scholar. Was also the public service center liason, was responsible for talking with the Priscilla king center at MIT and organized a service event in WHOI where students volunteered at the Bike Lab.
    8. Megan – MGG rep. Helped organized winter meeting with Bryce. Webmaster and outdoor chair, also led Jelly talks.
  • Website and Google Drive information –
    1. Megan sent out link to drive to all new reps. There should be folders for all the events. If there are any missing let us know
    2. The MIT/WHOI student rep websites – has the meeting minutes, student bylaws, the application for funding (automatically gets emailed out to the jp reps and the person who submitted the application). The website management might be easier to have as a czar position, as it might be easier to keep Megan on than to train another person.
    3. Webmaster also manages the moira email lists.
  • Different email lists to use
    1. Jp-student-reps(at) – goes to the reps only plus Lea and Julia
    2. Jpstudents(at) – formal list, needs to get approved by Lea or Julia (use for announcing Winter meeting)
    3. Jp-all-students(at) – informal list not moderated, use for most things
    4. – not really used as an email list just as the log in for google drive
  • Finance Update – Julia
    1. Three funds (APO, MIT, and ODGE)
    2. Two of these have refreshed.
    3. Last year ODGE, has been a large pot of money, has not yet refreshed.
    4. Recommends that the next treasurer be based at WHOI instead of MIT, would be easier to grab receipts and submit things for reimbursements.
    5. APO and ODGE requests both go to Lea
  • Being President – Gabi
    1. Recommends Google docs for setting up the agenda.
    2. Also get through meetings quickly, and stick to the agenda.
    3. Doodle poll for scheduling meetings.
    4. Responsible for emailing the student body for different things. Should announce upcoming meetings via email.
    5. Also delegate the emails so that people will actually read them, if they all come from the same person ppl tend to ignore them.
    6. You will get emailed a lot of emails from all random ppl, can just forward them to the reps.
  • Major Events – Buffins
    1. Spreads are already replenished for this semester
    2. The cape cod bagel order was also restarted
    3. Fruit for buffins is an extra step, on Tuesday morning will get fruit. Will buy enough fruit for Tues and Thurs, put out half for Tues and then put the next half out on Thurs.
    4. Nathan will pick up buffins tomorrow yay
    5. Remind people to clean up after themselves
  • Social hours
    1. One a month during the school year
    2. Pick up 200 dollars worth of pizza or other goods
    3. Can also decorate or make them themed.
    4. Pick up beer, easier if just one person picks it up, then one person can get all the cash.
    5. Charge 2 per beer.
    6. Each department gets 200 dollars for a social hour per calendar year.
    7. Bio, engineering, and MGG still have not had one this year.
    8. Use it or lose it money.
    9. Jenny P and Jenny W proposed a trip to the Aquarium as an alternative to the MIT/WHOI picnic.
    10. This would allow MIT and WHOI students to go to it together. Applied for money from the GSC funding board, since the summer picnic in the past was funded through the GSC.
    11. They denied our request because it was an off-campus event and it would be difficult to get there. Jenny W submitted an appeal with other modifications.
    12. Reserve and think of dates ahead of time
    13. They ask for a pretty hefty security deposit. I put it on my personal card and then waited to get it back.
    14. Make sure that Jim and Ed are available
    15. Fairly straight forward to plan.
    16. Probably March 6 and 7 next year.
    17. Contacting CBC they provide a modified menu for us. There is probably more to do at the MIT end than the WHOI end
    18. Help students get to and from hotel in WHOI.
    19. Plan a party for the students at WHOI.
    20. There is a really great checklist for planning the Steinbach scholar.
    21. There is also a large number of resources in the Google drive
    22. Delegate tasks as much as possible. It is a good amount of work.
    23. Send out lots of reminder and save the date emails.
    24. Coordinate among the Steinbach scholar departments to utilize any left overs from BBQs
    25. Make sure to email students to nominate scholar and to vote
    26. As the public service liason, you should email out opportunites for Leap grants though Kris Kipp essentially does this already.
    27. If interested in planning any future outreach/public service events talk to Jenny P.
    28. These are a major headache. You have to have a representative for the organization at these meetings.
    29. Otherwise you get fined 50 dollars and they also threaten to disband you…
    30. Ask for nominations for reps and also just picked out people who might be interested instead of having all the students up for voting.
    31. If all the reps pull their weight it is much, much better and easier for everyone.
    32. Also came up with a procedure that when a new funding request came through, if there were any concerns, you could reply via email, else if there were no objections it got funded after two days. President was then responsible for notifying the applicant that they were approved. Check with treasurer on funds first though